Crazy Cat Lady

The Story
Game Play
Befriend as many adorable kitties as you can by accommodating their demands.

Be careful because
they will let you know if you fail!

The goal is to collect more cat points 
than your opponents.
Each kitty has a specific set of demands and a standard retaliation if you fail to meet those demands. 
Roll dice to get what you need, although that might attract more kitties!

The number of the cats on the field increases throughout the game, leading to frenzied fun as you try to befriend the cats and avoid getting too scratched up.
A fun, easy to learn card-and-dice game for all ages

2 - 6 players

One round typically lasts
10-15 minutes

  1. Crazy Cat Lady box and contents
  2. Title 7
    Crazy Cat Lady card and dice examples
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​Art by Monica Bruenjes -, and Bevin Akers -