Early Empires

The Story
Game Play
​​2 players

​Ages 10 and up

Games last approx.
45 minutes to 2 hours

Two games can be combined
for 4 players

Take on the role of the conquering Roman army or the Norse Vikings in an epic clash between two early empires.

Players choose how to divide their forces of swordsman, spearmen, archers, and horses to win in three separate battles. 

​​A strategic, tabletop battle game
for people who like tabletop gaming, but do not want to invest the time and money required by most staples of the genre.

Each game comes with two complete armies, ready for an evenly matched face off between two players. 
  1. Early Empires box and contents - rules, battle card, play tiles, dice
  2. Example of Early Empires game in progress
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Art by Thuan Pham