Art by Kitt Van Hassel,


Safari Memory Game
2 Players

You are a park ranger and need to tag the wild animals that live in the wildlife preserve

Set Up
There will be three Piles:

Wild animals
Player 1’s bait and catch cards.
Player 2’s bait and catch cards

The Goal
There are six animals that you are trying to lure out and capture to tag. They are: Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Mongoose, Crocodile, Rhinoceros. Flip over cards in the correct order to capture the wild animals. The player who captures the most wins.
The card you need to catch the animal
The Bait you use to lure out the animal.
This is the first card you must flip.  
The type of animal you’re trying to catch 
  ​ How To Play

1) Start the game by shuffling each of the three piles.

2) Each player will look at the top card of his/her pile one at a time. Then he/she places the card down on the playing surface, looks at the next card, places it next to the first card, and so on. Ultimately he/she will look at each card and put it down making two rows of six cards. 

3) Then flip over the top of the animal pile, this will be the animal both players are trying to capture.

4) Each player will try to flip over the correct bait card. 

5) Then if the bait is correct, each player will try to flip over the capture card. If only one player correctly flipped the bait card, then he/she will be the only one to do step 5.

6) If the bait card is also correct then the player/players captures the animal, and flips the bait and capture card back over so it is face down. It is possible for both players to capture the same animal.

7) Then repeat steps 3 -6. Once all the animals are captured the game is over. Whoever captured the most wins. It is possible to tie.

Additional Rules

8) If neither player correctly guessed the bait card, then flip the card incorrect cards back over and both players try again.

9) If neither player correctly guesses the capture card, then all cards go face down and both players go back to step 5.