Upcoming Games

Here are some games in the earlier stages of development, both in look and game play.
These are likely to make appearances at the test play nights.  
All names are working titles.
  1. Mission to Mars
    Mission to Mars
    Complete space missions for fame and glory - as long as you don't run out of money or face unexpected mishaps
  2. Battle for Edo
    Battle for Edo
    Battle other Samurai for glory and honor by taking Edo Castle
  3. Infinite Engine
    Infinite Engine
    An infinitely expandable game where preset character movements allow game types ranging from bowling to sieges
  4. Delivery Driver
    Delivery Driver
    Make the most deliveries the fastest. Run lights and make illegal turns for speed, but getting a ticket will slow you down!
  1. Oni No Shogi
    Oni No Shogi
    A custom variant on Japanese chess involving the demons and monsters of Japanese folklore
  2. Werewolf Game
    Werewolf Game
    Help protect your village from the werewolf, and don't get bitten!
  3. Goblin's Greed
    Goblin's Greed
    Treasure is good, but vulnerable to greedy goblins. Maybe your gold will be safer with another player?